My Sister went to a dorm type school. She said it was very religious and very posh. She bragged about this school for decades, how the uniform was that of a nuns and especially about the new girl. The new girl had the palest skin and black hair that swished in a unhuman way. I had only seen her a few times and each time she looked back at me with interest flowing from her black eyes. I heard girls would taunt her. Throw her into the toilets and torture her in all ways possible. They once brought a guy in to "have his way" apparently.

So this happened over three years, the torture she went through. The torture was put behind closed doors. No teacher nor parent would help her. Not even her own family. But this year. I guess she had enough.She murdered everyone that hurt her. She sliced them with a scythe apparently.

The scythe was a gift from her Uncle that had died from a heart attack just last year. She was fascinated with the weapons her Uncle made. She apparently told her Uncle about a dream where she had slaughtered people with a forever changing scythe. So her Uncle made it. You probably want to know what it does right? Well it can turn into a gun, split into two sickles and create electric currents. But that's not all she is also a demon witch. I know it sounds strange, but it's true I saw it. She put a hex on one girl who called her prom dress "ugly as the devil himself". The girl got this weird disease and died with her head rotting off.

But this isn't just what I've heard. My sister was killed by her. And so was the rest of my family. She came one night when came back from the hospital. Dad had been very sick and had been getting worse. His heart is giving out on him every so often, and his hand had to be cut off, because there was something living in it that the doctors couldn't remove. Anyway. We came home and did our thing. Mum was making dinner. Sis was in the shower, and I was in my room writing in my diary. I heard something come up the path to our house. My sister got out of the shower all dressed in her big heavy shirt.

"Knock... Knock." it came from the window in the kitchen.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh She's here!" Mother howled.

My sister ran towards mum as I calmly walked out. In this instance I don't know what or how I could be like this. I mean the girl was holding her scythe still in the tacky white and black nun outfit that was called an uniform. She was staring at me with a comical smile.

"So are you going to kill me or am I just going to stand her and pretend nothing happened?"

"Not a-at all m-my dear."

"Then what are you doing?"

"Giving m-my scythe a-a break, he's bound with m-my Uncles' soul."

"That would explain the so called scythe weapon changes I heard about."

"Yes it does explain it. How about instead of killing you, you should join me. What do you think?"

I couldn't stop myself it was like I was another person, but I felt freedom for the first time and it felt great. I wasn't going to let it go.

"I'll do it!" I said with a stern look on my face.

And from then on life's been good. Our town is small and secluded, every now and then people come and check on us see how things are. Our town was built on top of a laboratory that was abandoned long ago. Something to do with creating angel's or something. We don't go near it well that's the first day.

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