We here tell our past stories and how we came to be.

Hi! my name is Dea, and I have been living in the same dank dusty woods for over 25 years. Our home is full of mislead travellers who become lost in the heavy fog and like to stay, but can never leave which is a hassle for all of us. Our town was discovered in 1653 A.D. Scientist were using the land for the ANGEL project.

The ANGEL project was an animal human DNA infusing Project. Turning humans into beings like Centaurs. It was manly for research until 1842 when they took orphan children and tested on them using strange serum which can still be found. Over 4000 children were used in the project, and only 20 survived. Although they cannot leave they wander around like lost kids and will attack anything.

There was however a scientist who still lived and did research in the Laboratory who is still there today. Nobody can talk to him, and nobody can go near him without him wanting to "TEST A NEW SERUM!!!!" on you.

My name is Beatria, or Bea (said Bay) for short. I'm one of the asylum patients in the area. The asylum was made five years after the Research lab and housed all the children that were transported their. It was also used as a torture house for enemy soldiers and spies. Over 16 years 65 people were brutally tortured and murdered. They live to haunt the Asylum. People who go in come out 5 years later silent and broken.


-Dea Insaniae

- Grace Praticia

-Fonzen Willith

-Thomas Krosuvic

-Beatria Wallen

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