I lived in the laboratory being filled with injections. I didn't know exactly what they wanted for me to do except fill me with liquid that burned. I was only 15 when it happened. The new serum had been made for me to be filled with. It hurt so much I couldn't handle it. I was trying to get away from it all, and it just made things worse. Thet were trying to hold me down and... The pain it was so agonizing.

Days flew past in my padded white cell. I felt alone more than ever. Until someone else was thrown in. his name was Thomas Krosuvic. We both were being tested for the same thing.

I quickly glanced at the sheet that the tester was clinging to.

Project name:



Thomas Krosuvic


Specimen 2 is going slowly-----

I couldn't see much other than that. The tester was old though older than the last by a few years. He had the strangest eyes; one was bright lightening blue, and the other was golden brown. Thomas shivered in the corner weeping. I crawled over to him and cuddled him until we both fell asleep.

In situations like this there is no discrimination nor judgement only group survival.

Day after reached day we were poked and prodded. Scanned in multitude of machines. We were constantly scared. The others were dying faster and faster. More and more bodies left the Lab. We knew one day we would too. We would be the bodies.

We sobbed, and we cried. Each day me and Thomas would huddle in the corner clinging to each other. Each day we would feel more animalistic, but look no different. The testers began to get angry. It wasn't our fault. We weren't born like this.

But as days past we became more and more impatient with our routine. We were tired of being the mindless children fighting out of habit.

One day a tester jabbed me twice as hard as usual the serum didn't burn. Instead, I burned a powerful rage.

I ripped out the needle and pushed it into the bottom of his jaw and injected whatever was in the needle and pulled it towards his heart.

There was so much blood and after that I blacked out.

When I awoke Thomas was there. He was looking at a particular house. It was black and silver. The aura coming off the house was particularly strange. It was disturbing yet awe striking.

And from here life changed.

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